The content-marketing tools available to content marketers have evolved significantly. Although many of these tools existed for years before the emergence of content marketing — and would usually be considered simply tools for internet marketing, many of them are rechristening themselves as tools for content marketing.

1. HubSpot
Hubs pot is a trustworthy resource, and a nice blog to follow if you’re trying to learn more about content marketing. They’re usually based on inbound marketing, so they’re great particularly for small businesses to help them develop a solid content marketing strategy. This is a fantastic tool from content curation to optimization, as well as social scheduling and email automation systems to assist with anything.
2. Airstory
Airstory is a more effective forum for authors if you want to step up your writing and collaboration game. If you are too busy switching between Evernote, Google Docs, Google Drive and always seem to have a hundred tabs open for analysis, it may be time to look into Airstory.
3. Grammarly
Grammarly to me, the game has changed. Naturally, I’m not what you’d call “detail-oriented,” so if it wasn’t for talented editors, you’d be tearing me apart right now because of the multitude of grammar errors littering my papers.
4. Contentools
Contentools is an effective content marketing platform designed to create, publish, and analyze marketing campaign content. The app also comes with an in-app content editor that enables you to create content with an existing SEO indicator. Some features to remember are its AI-powered content insights, social media posts auto-publishing, collaborative support and integration with a lot of third-party platforms like Salesforce, Evernote, Dropbox, and much more via Zapier.
5. Inboundli
Targeting B2B businesses, Inboundli helps you to create in-house and third-party materials to improve your marketing campaign for content. The app aims to help companies maximize their scope, interaction, target audience, and traffic while saving time and budget. Inboundli focuses on the needs of niche audiences and uses machine learning and predictive analytics to source the industry’s most important data. This method would be a great blessing for those who are used to the difficult, not to mention boring trawl through news sources to discover timely, informative articles relevant to their niche.
If you want the blogger’s scope to scale, then Tomoson is the ideal solution. It has thousands of registered bloggers, and you can browse by area of interest as well as metrics such as website traffic, likes Facebook, and followers on Twitter. You can post your items to contests and feedback, as well as a link to unique promotions directly with bloggers.
7. AdEspresso
AdEspresso is a tool that helps you to automate Facebook ads in a simple and understandable way. You can use it to segment and aim, to ensure that your messages reach the right people. It also enables users to target their messages and save demographic preferences, thereby providing a convenient place for storing data like media.
8. BannerFlow
Creating content involves not only creating texts, but also producing posters, various tables, and infographics for it. And not every single content marketer is fantastic at graphic design, photoshop, etc. If you are one of those men, BanneFlow is a perfect solution for you. Banners made on it are pretty beautiful and appear professional. This service is also very useful for posts being shared on social networks and elsewhere. BannerFlow lets you take advantage of its normal size or make your own. Thanks to that you can adapt and mark your content to any web site.

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